Take a drink

The Potters Touch

In the natural, every time, we get thirsty, water is what we need to quench the taste. Water does not just quench thirst, it also sustains life. When out in the heat or exerting our bodies physically, even more water is required to keep us hydrated and functioning at our best.
It is the same in the Spiritual. We need water every day, too. We need to refresh our hearts and minds as much as we need to refresh our bodies, and we see Jesus John’s Gospel saying “I am the Living Water. If you drink of Me, you will never thirst again.”
During the day, like in the physical, we all have things that come against us making us perspire and sometimes dehydrated. It is the same in the spiritually. It is easy to get upset or stressed out, it is easy to let anger control our decision, or…

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