oh life! oh death


 Life, so often valueless

Death, still so unfathomable

Living and dying, ah a mystery still.


Birth and death, living and dying

Today you live, tomorrow you die

Ah, the joys of living life to the brim

Oh, the pains of dying at ones prime.

But why toil to live only to die?

Why die toiling when to live reasons abound?


If you live righteous and die today,

You died a good death to live forever

Or so Christianity promises mankind

Allah the All-Compassionate giveth

And Allah the Perfectly wise taketh

Or so Islam consoles the grieving.


But whether empty promises to moderate living

Or worthless consolation to devaluate dying

It’s not in me to doubt or blaspheme

For the rhetoric of living and dying

Still will empirical disputations beg.



by Ibok Ekpenyong – In memory of Sanctus Ajimase



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