“Castaway”… Thoughts of Infidelity

The Abuse Expose' with Secret Angel

This message is for the many who have suffered the brokenness of infidelity and it’s deception. Adultery or infidelity  is glamorized in movies and most do not really understand the pain and brokenness that comes with it. I pray that more people will come to understand and have compassion for these victims.

is the word that came to my mind.
As I thought of infidelity…
and the damage left behind.

For those who are wounded…
by a spouse’s adultery and deceit…
Feel thrown to the side…
with insurmountable feelings of defeat.

How could it have happened…
and what could they have done?
They had vowed to love each other…
since the day their marriage had begun.

But they now feel “cast-away”…
lost in an ocean of doubt.
Like their “love” was a lie…
and deception was what their marriage was about.

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