no phone call from winnipeg

No Phone Call From Winnipeg


From the breaking dawn of the cock’s crow

Through the evening’s breeze of the southern sunset

I lay here lonesome and forlorn, anxious and expectant

Over and again repeating the ritual of counting the ceilings

With only thoughts of you as desirable companion to my soul


And so like the brave heart in love I lay here in wait

Wriggling in the discomforts of my post surgery trauma

And willing my pains through telepathy will touch your soul

As my hands would by a thousand kilometers hang in space

For you were so near Ogochukwu, yet so far away

With only the miracle of telephony as the bridge to love


Oh how I lay here desolate from that feeling of dejection

With my blood pressure by the seconds racing to the skies

For the anxieties of waiting for your call took a deadly toll

As it dawned on me that I was “Waiting For Godot”

Thence every ringing of the phone that wasn’t your tone

Was a push of red-hot dagger through my aching heart


Oh how like an addict I have become dependent on your daily calls!

For your chatter and your laughter, the flirting and the whisperings

Was a mixture of Ibuprofens to sooth my aching wound

The very opium to sedate my soul, and hasten me through recovery path

Yet for three days and nights I have waited in vain

And till now no phone call from Winnipeg am so in pains

For how could a drink of love so sweet by morn

Would a cup of vinegar turned by noon


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