How Can You Tell If He’s Overcompensating for His Tiny Junk?


When Size Matters

Every man is obsessed with his penis. By obsessed, I mean completely and totally in love. To a man, his package is everything, and its size is basically the most important thing in his life.

If he happened to be given the short end of the stick, he spends his whole life trying to escape the barely noticeable shadow of his tiny manhood. But how does he do that? How can he make the world think he’s hung like a horse?

Well, there are a few ways that small men try to overcompensate for their slight physique, though just about everyone can tell exactly what he’s trying to do. Click through this gallery to see all the ways he might be overcompensating for his tiny junk!


He Plays Guitar

You may think that the lead guitarist of that local band is really sexy and well-endowed, but chances are he’s just overcompensating with his guitar skills. If a guy has a tiny penis, why not try playing guitar? After all, they:

  • Have a phallic, suggestive shape
  • Rest at genital level
  • Enable you to rock guitar solos and distort your face like you’re achieving orgasm

So next time you see a young guy sitting on a bench outside of a college girls’ dorm playing sweet, romantic tunes on his axe, remember that he’s just trying to make up for the penis that he lacks.

He Has a Tricked-Out Vehicle

We’ve all seen these types of dudes out in the world before:

  • The man with smokestacks on his truck
  • The man with rims or spinners on his car
  • The man who drives a hummer or Harley-Davidson motorcycle
  • The man who has flames painted on his vehicle

Though a few of these guys may actually just really like these vehicles and/or modifications, the vast majority of them are just trying to pretend they have a huge dong.

He Gets In Physical Fights

And how about that douchebag who’s constantly getting in bar fights, beating the crap out of guys who look at his girlfriend wrong or abusing his girlfriend or wife?


Since they have such a microscopic member, they have to try to make up for it by being the most macho, tough guy around. Unfortunately for them, though, we all know better: violent men are assholes with tiny dicks. Period.

He Spends Most of His Time at the Gym

Similarly to the macho man from the previous slide, guys who spend all of their time at the gym trying to build massive muscles and lift the heaviest weights are only doing so to prove a point:

  • “Look at me! Look how ripped I am!”
  • “I am the strongest man in the world!”
  • “Don’t mess with me; I would take you down!”
  • “Oh, by the way, have I mentioned how huge my package is? Because it’s even more enormous than my bulging muscles!”     


    He Ridicules Other Men

    Any man who spends most of his energy making fun of other men is probably trying to make himself look bigger by comparison.

    For example, he’s definitely trying to trick the world into believing he has a giant dick when he mocks another man for:

    • Wearing pink
    • Being friends with women
    • Dancing
    • Being a homosexual
    • Driving a small, practical car

    But guess what! I think he forgot that men who are secure in their masculinity can do all of the above without feeling any shame. It’s the insecure ones who think there’s something wrong with it. Joke’s on you, buddy!

    He Brags About His Accomplishments

    This is the type of guy who has trophies and plaques and certificates of achievement hanging all over his home or office and will take any opportunity to tell you about all of the great things he’s done in life. Some common braggarts would be:

    • High-level business executives
    • Professional athletes
    • Olympic champions
    • Lotharios

    That’s right! It isn’t only limited to men who are successful in their careers. Plenty of these overcompensators would brag to everyone within earshot of how many women they’ve slept with, and how great they are in the sack.

    If you feel like you have to tell everybody about it, that probably means it’s not entirely true. But nice try, killer.


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