Top Ten Tuesday: New Authors I Read in 2013

quite a selection

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Top Ten Tuesday

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This week’s theme is authors you have read in 2013 that you previously hadn’t read. I don’t know that this is a big deal especially for me (Nafiza) because I am, you can say, bold with my reading choices. I think all of us are. We don’t hesitate to try to new authors and almost all the authors I’ve read in 2013 were those I hadn’t previously read before though obviously there are the favourites whose work I eagerly await and devour. But where children’s lit is concerned, I have many new (to me) authors.

Nafiza’s List of Authors

  1. Jo Walton
    She wrote Among Others (that’s the book I was telling you about Janet, the one featuring an avid reader as a protagonist). She does not write children’s lit but the book in question did feature a teenage protagonist so I…

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