Monica Hughes “The Isis Trilogy”: The Canadian Dystopia

The Book Wars

Monica Hughes was one of Canada’s most prolific writers of for children, publishing over 40 books in Canada, England and the United States which were then translated and sold all over the world. While she is such a prolific writer it is her science fiction and dystopia which are particularly noteworthy, when she is unrestrained by reality her pen seems to come to life. She has won over a dozen literary awards (again mostly for Sci-Fi and Dystopia) – including the Vicky Metcalf Award and the Canada Council Price for Children’s Literature (twice! also, now called the Governor General’s award). After her death in 2003 Hughes’ body of work has been given more critical attention and in 2011 the Monica Hughes award for Science Fiction and Fantasy (won by Rachel Hartman for Seraphina in 2013!) was established.

I think what is so fascinating about the few science fiction works…

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