Beautiful Darkness

The Book Wars


So, that gigantic hand on the cover is not, as I had previously imagined, the hand of a fallen or fractured statue.

It is, in fact, the decaying hand of a dead human girl.

I felt like that bit of information ought to set the mood quite nicely for my post on this graphic novel. Also, I will try not to get any more spoilerific than that. Right. So. Beautiful Darkness by Vehlmann and Kerascoët is the story of Aurora who is one of many tiny people who inhabit a human girl’s body. When the girl unexpectedly dies and her body begins to fall apart, the tiny people must leave the familiar confines of their home and endeavour to explore the larger world outside.

A couple of the reviews on the back of the book describe it as a “fairy tale” or a “fairy world”, while another reviewer calls it an “anti-fairy…

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