Nikon Fisheye and its Features

Nikon Fisheye and its Features

Megapixels and digital sensors is what define cameras today. Just a few adjustments and some clicks here and there will give you your perfect shot. With the advent of digi cams and DSLRs one does not necessarily have to possess the skills and talent of a professional photographer. Gone are the days when photographers moved mountains to get that perfect shot and then waited for days to see if they got what they wanted. With technology making photography a piece of cake, everybody seems to be discovering the hidden photographer in them. But only a few of these recently self-anointed avid photographers would know the value of a lens and vintage camera. And what it takes to get that ‘shot of a lifetime.’
If collecting vintage cameras and indulging in classical photography is one of your many interests then an upcoming auction in London will offer you just what you’re looking for. It may cause a serious dent in your bank balance but what’s life without any extravagant shopping and impulsive spending? In 1970, the Photokina Trade show in Cologne, Germany unveiled the world’s most extreme wide-angle lens. Known as the Fisheye-Nikkor 6mm f/2.8 it could cover an image area of 24×36mm. The lens which apparently can “see behind itself” is back and is up for sale in London. The lens will be auctioned through the Grey’s of Westminster, a London based organisation that specialises in Nikon products.  Every photographer’s delight, Nikon has over the years produced specialised products such as the Ikelite Camera Dock which was used for underwater photography.
A rare and one amongst the few hundred products produced, this fish is quite a catch and any photographer’s most prized possession.  The Fisheye-Nikkor comes with a whopping price tag of $160,000 and will adorn the studio of a passionate photographer who also, most importantly, makes a million bucks.
The Fisheye and its features
Gray Levett, co-founder of Nikon dealer Gray’s of Westminster, found this rare piece of gem on an overseas trip some weeks ago. Rare it is for the lens weighs 5.2 kgs, is 171mm long and has a diameter of 236mm, very unique dimensions for a lens. Well the uniqueness does not end here. The lens with its 22 degree vision, which may not be very easily found in regular lenses, can see 180 degrees around. The picture angle of 220 degrees is delivered through the 12 elements in 9 goups optic.
The lens is used specially for shooting scientific and industrial applications. It was also used for giving special effects to portraits and architectural shots.  When it was launched its superior high end features and unique technology made the Fisheye-Nikkor 6mm f/2.8 a name to reckon with. It was perhaps for this that Nikon decided to manufacture only a few of these lenses.
Well although we encourage you to participate at the auction in London wholeheartedly we are not very sure if it would be advisable to use a lens that heavy and super expensive for your next shooting session. It is best suited for display and not for a photographic adventure.

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